Show successes of our puppies:

  • Hillary Alhavant - USA
    !!! Attention !!! We are looking for owners of the puppy!!! Please write us !!!
  • Hannah Alhavant - USA
    !!! Attention !!! We are looking for owners of the puppy!!! Please write us !!!
  • Happy Live Alhavant - 6xCAC, 5xCACIB, 2xBOB
    - owner: Olga Linková
  • Holly Day Alhavant - 2xCAJC, CAC, National winner
    - owner: Otakar Scharf
  • Hubertine Alhavant - EURO Dog Show 2000 - excellent 3,
    - owner: Kateřina Richterová
  • Henriette Alhavant - EURO Dog Show 2000 - CAC
    - owner: Kateřina Richterová
  • Hanibal Alhavant - Germany
  • Barbarol Alhavant - EURO Dog Show 2000 - excellent 3,
    2x CWC, BOB - owner: MUDr Jacek Antczak
  • Bertille Alhavant - European Junior Winner 2000,
    2xCAC, 2xCACIB, BOB
    - owner: Alena Havlíková
  • Merlin v.Alhavant - CAJC, Show Winner, Champ. Pl,
    6x CWC, Junior Ch., INTERCHAMPION
    Youth Club Winner
    - owner: Malgorzata Caprari
  • Magic Mambo Alhavant - 3x CAC,2x CACIB
    - owner: Kovářová Michaela
  • Nabrouck de Famous Alhavant - 2x CAJC, 2x CAC, CACIB, BOB
    JUNIOR WINNER World dog show 2003,
    r.CAC Eurodog show 2003 - owner: Satorová J.
  • Nantes de Famous Alhavant - Gitte Louise Velin-Danmark
    club show: excelent 1
  • Nemrod de Famous Alhavant - Excellent 3 Eurodog show 2003,
    CAC, BOB - owner : M.Moubeche - France
  • Noblesse de Famous Alhavant - CAJC, r.CAC,
    CAC Eurodog show 2003 - owner: kennel Alhavant
  • On´Ray Famous Alhavant - CAC, Gold Medal
    owner : Malkowska - Poland
  • Oliver Famous Alhavant - CAJC
  • Rubens Famous Alhavant - Holland club show: Junior Winner
  • Rose Mary - 2x VN

Congratulations to all of owners and thanks for excellent handling!!

From the first mate of Poemat and Serenada are 2 bitches in USA,
dogs are in Germany and Italy.


Puppies from the first litter

father - Hubert (on the snap)

Our babies haven´t any genetical problems they have very nice heads, many skin, typical bodies, healthy sweez eyes. Our puppies are growing up at home in our family that´s why they are very good socializated, they eat high quality food. We secure complete breed servis.

...their father: Hubert, mother: Bombell

their mather: Bombell, father: ICH Creekside´s Mulligan (look at snap)


dame: European Junior Winner 2000 BERTILLE ALHAVANT

   Bertille - one week to born:   

jméno - namestát - country

NOBLESSE de Famous Alhavantdoma - home
NASH du Famous AlhavantFinland
NANTES Famous AlhavantDenmark
NEMROD Famous AlhavantItaly
NELSON Famous AlhavantFrance
NABROUCK de Famous AlhavantCzech rep.


sir: Jun.Champ.Lux.Olderlin du Verger de Cantilene
dame: BETT z Podjeřmanské Skály

jméno - namestát - country

OLIVER Famous AlhavantPoland
ORTON Famous AlhavantSlovenia
On'RAY Famous AlhavantPoland
ORSINI de la Famous AlhavantCzech rep.
OLRIC de Famous AlhavantCzech rep.


sir: Jun.Champ.Lux.Olderlin du Verger de Cantilene
dame: BETT z Podjeřmanské Skály

jméno - namestát - country

PASTOR Famous AlhavantSlovakia
PINPINOUT Famous AlhavantCzech rep.
PARIS de la Famous AlhavantCzech rep.
PASSERELLA Famous AlhavantSlovenija
PENELOPE de Famous AlhavantFrance
PELOPONESE Famous AlhavantSlovakia
PHYLIS Famous AlhavantCzech rep.
POMPEY du Famous AlhavantCzech rep.
PREFERITA de Famous AlhavantPoland
PRINCESS de Famous AlhavantCzech rep.


sir: Jun.Champ.Lux.Olderlin du Verger de Cantilene
dame: Eurojuniorwinner 2000 BERTILLE ALHAVANT

jméno - namestát - country

RODEN Famous AlhavantCzech rep.
RUBENS Famous AlhavantNetherlands
ROMANCE Famous Alhavantdoma - home
ROMA Famous AlhavantCroatia
ROSEMARY Famous AlhavantCzech rep.
ROMANTICA Famous AlhavantCzech rep.


sire: Utahn de Bark´N BAY
dam: Noblesse du Famous Alhavant

jméno - namestát - country

SCARLET Famous AlhavantUS
SCIPIO Famous AlhavantNetherlands
SENECA Famous AlhavantBelgium
SHADY LADY Famous AlhavantCzech rep.
SIBYLLE Famous AlhavantCzech rep.
SOCRATES Famous AlhavantSlovakia
SUGAR Famous AlhavantCzech rep.


sire: Vlardar Orban V.D. Oeienbos
dam: Bertille Alhavant

jméno - namestát - country

Timotheus Famous AlhavantNetherland
Tony Anthony Famous AlhavantUSA
Thor Famous AlhavantFinlandia
Titanus Famous AlhavantDeutschland
Torbrook Famous AlhavantDeutschland
Tonie Antonie Famous AlhavantLatvia
Talk of The Town Famous AlhavantUSA
Talulah Famous AlhavantSpain
Tosia Famous AlhavantCzech rep.

Credo of our kennel is ” Quality, not quantity to the detriment of health.” We are cooperating with kennel clubs of another countries and excellent breeders.