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I was fascinated by dogs from my childhood. Basethounds take my heart before 20 years and than was only little step to wonderful bloodhounds. I bred bloodhounds 10 years. My breeding way was in 1994 coronated by import from Poland from kennel Echo Akribeia.
I bring little eight weeks old boy named Poemat.

His character was so lovely that I never before meet something like this. To his sweet character I cannot forget write about his great exterior. To Poemat we imported girl Serenada Echo - Akribeia and their beutiful daughter Bertille ALHAVANT. Phylosophy of kennel ALHAVANT is to breed excellent dogs without genetical handicaps with sweet characters and exterior. Our priority is to find in owners of our dogs new members of our family. They are to nowadays and thatīs why I can say Thanks to all of them.